Welcome to Diablo 09!

We are a community driven Diablo II Private Server specialising in the much loved 1.09 version of this game.

Our aims and ambitions are not only to maintain vanilla-like game play but to improve the quality and feel of this version of Diablo II.
We want to bring a new lease of life to Diablo II v1.09 and are committed to improving game play for both the Classic and Expansion player.

Diablo 09 - Diablo II Private Server

.: Diablo 09 Patch 1.3 :.

It has been long awaited guys but updates going forward won't take half as long as this one. As always hit the download button on this post or click resources at the top of the page to download the latest version.

You can view our short reveal trailer below! Make sure to like and subscribe to help spread the word!

.: Whats New? :.

Chance To Cast Makes A Return!

- Items that spawn with chance to cast stats now work fully as intended, a feature that was broken throughout the entirety of Diablo II v1.09d

Character Respecs!

- Okay so we admit there may have been some good features post v1.09 and this is one of them!
- Players may now find Essences of Anguish, Pain, Hatred & Terror which can be used to make a Token of Absolution!

Mercenary Upgrades!

- Mercenaries are now able to equip addition items making them much more valuable than before!

More 08 Unique Items!

- We have now added all unique items that spawned during the v1.08 version of the game, providing they are different from the v1.09 counter part of course!

[General Changes]
- Players can now carry up to 10,000,000 gold in their inventory.
- Players can now carry up to 25,000,000 gold in their private stash.
- Characters of all level's can carry the same amount of gold (no more restrictions).
- Slight adjustments have been made to how rare items spawn.
- The Diablo 09 Launcher now automatically sets the Gateway to Diablo 09 (no more accidental clicks to Battle.Net).
- Added a version string to the Diablo 09 Launcher.

[Bug Fix]
- Fixed a variety of v1.08 classic unique items as some item stats were incorrect.
- Fixed a...​