Welcome to Diablo 09!

We are a community driven Diablo II Private Server specialising in the much loved 1.09 version of this game.

Our aims and ambitions are not only to maintain vanilla-like game play but to improve the quality and feel of this version of Diablo II.
We want to bring a new lease of life to Diablo II v1.09 and are committed to improving game play for both the Classic and Expansion player.

Diablo 09 - Diablo II Private Server

Welcome to Diablo 09

Diablo 09 - formally known as Project 09 is a new project that looks to bring Diablo II's version of Patch v1.09 in to 2019. The aims of Diablo 09 are not necessarily to change the game play but rather enhance this particular version of the game. Version 1.09 was arguably the best version of Diablo II however it is lacking in a variety of quality of life features that later patches possess.

This is where Diablo 09 comes in to play.

Here is a taste of some of the features that Diablo 09 strive to achieve:

- Allow Project 09 to Run from Blizzards Online Installer
- Remove the CD Requirement
- Allow Multiple Game Instances
- Add Minimise and Close Buttons to Window Mode
- Prevent Window Mode Minimising When Clicking Out / Opening Second Window
- Reduce CPU Usage by Fixing an Infinite Loop Bug
- Develop a Ladder System (Like v1.10+)
- Hack & Bot Prevention
- Allow Hardcore Without Defeating Normal Mode
- Allow Cow Portal to be Created After Defeating King
- Enable Globe Text
- Enable Pre-Patch Items
- Increase Stash/Cube/Inventory Size
- Increased Screen Resolution
- Build in an Instant Map Reveal

Plus many other features...

Diablo 09 will also be developing a simple one-click installer as well as a new Launcher which will allow players to select game options directly from the menu (-w, -3dfx etc). Additional features are planned for the Launcher including auto-updates and a live feed directly to recent news and announcements.

Once the core version of the game has been developed we will also be planning to incorporate the ladder system directly in to a forum so players may keep track of those aiming for the top spot.

If you are interested in joining the development team for Diablo 09 please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for Reading!