Welcome to Diablo 09!

We are a community driven Diablo II Private Server specialising in the much loved 1.09 version of this game.

Our aims and ambitions are not only to maintain vanilla-like game play but to improve the quality and feel of this version of Diablo II.
We want to bring a new lease of life to Diablo II v1.09 and are committed to improving game play for both the Classic and Expansion player.

.: Diablo 09 v1.3 :.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kieran, Jul 24, 2019.

By Kieran on Jul 24, 2019 at 8:06 PM
  1. Kieran

    Kieran Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Stones of Jordan:
    .: Diablo 09 Patch 1.3 :.

    It has been long awaited guys but updates going forward won't take half as long as this one. As always hit the download button on this post or click resources at the top of the page to download the latest version.

    You can view our short reveal trailer below! Make sure to like and subscribe to help spread the word!


    .: Whats New? :.

    Chance To Cast Makes A Return!

    - Items that spawn with chance to cast stats now work fully as intended, a feature that was broken throughout the entirety of Diablo II v1.09d

    Character Respecs!

    - Okay so we admit there may have been some good features post v1.09 and this is one of them!
    - Players may now find Essences of Anguish, Pain, Hatred & Terror which can be used to make a Token of Absolution!

    Mercenary Upgrades!

    - Mercenaries are now able to equip addition items making them much more valuable than before!

    More 08 Unique Items!

    - We have now added all unique items that spawned during the v1.08 version of the game, providing they are different from the v1.09 counter part of course!

    [General Changes]
    - Players can now carry up to 10,000,000 gold in their inventory.
    - Players can now carry up to 25,000,000 gold in their private stash.
    - Characters of all level's can carry the same amount of gold (no more restrictions).
    - Slight adjustments have been made to how rare items spawn.
    - The Diablo 09 Launcher now automatically sets the Gateway to Diablo 09 (no more accidental clicks to Battle.Net).
    - Added a version string to the Diablo 09 Launcher.

    [Bug Fix]
    - Fixed a variety of v1.08 classic unique items as some item stats were incorrect.
    - Fixed a variety of text strings.

    For those of you that have been around here a little longer please download the new and updated installer posted above and the follow the next steps:

    1) Open Add & Remove Programs
    2) Select Diablo 09 and click Uninstall
    3) Run the New Installer
    4) Done!

    We are still working on adding an auto-update feature to our Launcher so I apologise in advance for the clunky update method.

    Remember to check out our Change Log and to join us on Discord!

    Did you know we have also launched on Reddit? Join us there too!

    Join Diablo 09 Reddit
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Kieran, Jul 24, 2019.

    1. HeyItsPanos
    2. gentle wookiee
      gentle wookiee
      Gotta be honest, not a fan of the merc gear. Makes this very mod ish and not honest to 1.09 gameplay. I can get behind quality of life changes like respec but not gameplay changing stuff.
    3. Kieran
      Appreciate that, the community voted for this feature and as such it was added in.
    4. Pyrefly
      On your homepage it says the following:

      "We strive to maintain a vanilla-like game play focusing only on quality of life changes. Our aim is to bring the 2001 version of Diablo II back to 2019!"

      If that's what you're striving for then you've now officially failed at your goal. I appreciate all you have done to make this server possible, please don't get me wrong. I think it's fantastic that it's even a thing. It's a lot better than playing 1.09 single player. But it's a little upsetting to see that there has now been a significant gameplay alteration like extra merc slots. To some people it doesn't seem like much but it's not the way the game was and it makes mercs way more powerful than they are supposed to be. It provides an unfair advantage to players. I couldn't run hell baal on my sorc before, and now with this change I can run hell baal. I'm not supposed to be able to. My gear isn't up to par and now it feels like I'm cheating the game.

      It's definitely disappointing to see this change and makes me wonder what's going to come next. If some community members wanting such a silly change is enough to make you step away from your goal of "vanilla-like gameplay", then what's going to be the next thing?

      Just for reference, can you link me to the vote? I can't find it, and I'm just curious on the vote counts for each side.
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    5. -joey-
      I totally get your point, I voted against that change as well.
      Mercenaries were fragile in 1.09, I understand. They had much lower stats than in 1.10+, for example a NM Act2 merc has 44 Res@ and 972 hitpoints at level 98 in 1.09, while the same merc has 62 Res@ and 2291 hitpoints in 1.10. From my point of view, it would have been enough to align merc stats to 1.14.
      But I have to respect the decision, because as you said: having this server is already a great thing.
      I hope that further major alterations will not follow that.
    6. kented
      +1, merc were already strong enough, ctc makes them stronger, extra slots makes them op
    7. Kieran
      Thank you for your comments.

      Vanilla-like is clearly subjective and my interpretation of this is that the core game-play remains the same. There are no new items, new types of stats, no new skills, no new zones, maps, monsters and all the other wonderful things that exist in a variety of other Diablo II Mods.

      The player base at the time were very consistent in their complaints and feedback that mercenaries were very poor in quality and essentially useless. I put this proposal forward as an interesting solution to rectify this. The player still has to dedicate to raising the level of the mercenary and finding the items that they wish to use. Equally it is our opinion that this change makes other mercenaries viable and does not force the player to automatically select a mercenary from Act 2.

      Please be assured this matter was discussed with a number of players, the council members and the moderators and aside from the odd objection there was overwhelming support for this feature.

      If the feedback from the community after such a change is that a certain mercenary, such as those from Act 2, are now significantly overpowered then we can, of course, balance the stats of the mercenary to bring it inline.

      I am sorry you are disappointed in this change however labelling something as silly and claiming I have failed at my objective because you don't agree with something is not a valuable statement. I can only provide you with my reassurance that further communications about suggested changes will continue to be discussed with the player base before changes are implemented.

      If you wish to discuss this matter in further detail you are welcome to private message me.
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    8. Pops
      How about the gem rolling thing. can you make it 1 perf instead of 3?? Still will take forever to roll a ccbq or a cmbe
    9. Kieran
      There is a suggestions section on the forum and Discord if you would like to suggest things however I don't intend to reduce the quantity of gems required to roll magic items.
    10. Pyrefly
      I simply don't see why the addition of extra mercenary item slots was necessary. Plus, if you are willing to balance the stats after this change, why didn't you just balance them instead of adding additional item slots? Balancing the stats to how they were in 1.10+ seems like it would make more sense.

      You said it was voted on, so that's why I asked for you to link me to the vote. It doesn't sound like an "official" vote took place, and it was more of a behinds the scene discussion. Again: your server, your call.

      I said you failed at your objective because the objective appears to be "vanilla-like gameplay focusing only on quality of life changes", and at this point only "vanilla-like" is true. It is LIKE vanilla, for the most part. However, "Focusing only on quality of life changes" isn't true anymore, because this isn't a quality of life change; it's a significant change to how mercenaries work in Diablo II 1.09. It's not like you boosted their stats to current battle.net stats just so that they can survive better. You have made them overpowered and are allowing them access to way more attributes, collectively, than they should have.

      On the other hand, take a change like the addition of tokens for skill resets, That's fine, because that's a legitimate quality of life change. It's not impacting the core game. It's not giving a player a real advantage for cow runs/mfing/whatever. So, again, the question is: where do you draw the line? Of course you'll always disappoint people with any decision, but the fact remains that the core gameplay has in fact changed now. I don't really see how that's arguable. That's the only point I was making as it contradicts the home page and what this server seemed to promise.

      Not trying to offend or insult you. Not going to stop playing, and nobody's disputing this is a great service and thing you're doing.
    11. Bomb-z
      Wow that's a lot of complaining over some merc gear. It's really not a big deal yall need to chillllllll.
    12. Kieran
      The change was not about being necessary or not, it was about identifying that there was a problem and coming up with a solution based on the feedback of the players. The problem being that mercenaries felt weak and useless; perhaps because players are used to 1.10 mercenaries which have increased attributes AND overpowered runewords. Or perhaps it is because in version 1.09 players had access to bugged items which provided a much more powerful mercenary. We took all of this in to consideration and decided against playing a numbers game and decided that a fun feature would be increasing the item slots. Again for this to be effective players actually had to find the valuable items to equip in these slots (more economy too?).

      In regards to a vote, there was not an "official" vote as you call it, we aren't running an election here, but a vote and discussion with myself, moderators, council members and a number of others that were spoken too during the ideas phase took place. This continued to be discussed and developed as time went on. I am not going to make changes based on how many votes a number of feature gains, these types of votes are far too easy to manipulate. It is based on constructive criticism and feedback, again as you rightly said, my server, my call.

      Again this is subjective and as I mentioned above, in v1.09 mercenaries had access to vast amounts of bugged, overpowered gear. Here they do not, so I dispute that I have made them overpowered in comparison to either v1.09 or indeed later versions. I still believe being able to use a mercenary from any act and it being viable due to additional gear slots being present is indeed a quality of life feature. This of course scales very well with starter/low level gear up to elite level gear.

      So no, I haven't failed at my objective, even if it is your perception that I have. Though I did change the "mission statement" at the top of the page for more clarity and to stop the inevitable nit picking at the way things are worded based on how people interpret them.

      I could actually argue that respecs are indeed a core game play change, but lets not add more fuel to the fire. In regards to where I draw the line, I guess that is to be discovered! Exciting right? And no, core game play hasn't been changed. Once again, if I added new skills, monsters, zones etc then yes you could argue core gameplay has changed, but mercenaries getting a buff - come on.

      I guess this changed from your most recent post :eek:
    13. Pyrefly
      I didn't stop playing because you gave mercs gear. It changed because your server fucked over days of work for someone I was playing with that prompted them to quit. Good luck with your mod.
    14. Corey
      IDK about you but I have lost a lot of gear on battle.net transferring over the years.. and you guys knew of the chances as you admitted and still chose to throw 3 days worth of loot on the ground for one giant x fer... people have lost far more playing hardcore, your being salty over items you grind over and over again every 6 months on b net and items people lose every single day playing hardcore. Pyrefly Softcore Xpac Non-Ladder Battle.net seems more your style tbh.
    15. Pyrefly
      You seem to be in extreme denial over how unstable your server is. Don't take it so personally. An amateur can only do so much. I've actually never lost a single piece of gear due to some random disconnect in 15+ years playing battle.net - anytime I ever got dc'd the game remained - the server didn't entirely falter like this one, making the game disappear entirely. Unlike most of this server that's all over the mods nuts, I'm not afraid to speak up and say when something is trash. I'm done, good luck with your unstable mod man.
    16. Corey
      Lol. 1 person has reported 4 loads dropping at once since you have been whining, and then concluded it was because of their own resolution settings.... Im not sure why you are being so salty and taking so much time and effort to complain if you're leaving... - Also absolutely no problems since friday since ive actually been paying attention. 25+ runs a day, no disc's no connection problems, and no one reporting any issues either.

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