Ladder - Diablo 09

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Classic Hardcore Paladin
1Paladin EoEF_First81772981078Paladin Kingalive
2Paladin Spartan67236501777Paladin Kingalive
3Paladin Crush67227612989Paladin Kingalive
4Paladin Dagon5050081989Paladin Dukealive
5Paladin Thee-HCPaladin4222708182Paladin Dukealive
6Paladin tK-Pal359905825Paladin Kingalive
7Paladin Juneendd327079956Paladin Countdead
8Paladin HCCL231121709Paladin Kingalive
9Paladin Male20544916Paladin Dukealive
10Paladin Kilt19459665Paladin Dukedead
11Paladin donK1173407Paladin Kingalive
12Paladin Strong 723376Paladin alive
13Paladin Ham 619332Paladin alive
14Paladin tK-Lowy 615861Paladin Dukealive
15Paladin HCpalazonious 58750Paladin alive
16Paladin HyPeR-ChOnDrIaC 31697Paladin alive
17Paladin RainCheck 2651Paladin alive
18Paladin EoEF_FirstII 2508Paladin dead
19Paladin EoEF_FirstIII 1451Paladin Dukealive
20Paladin HCC-Weaps 10Paladin alive
21Paladin HCC-Belts 10Paladin alive
22Paladin HCC-Boots 10Paladin alive
23Paladin HCC-SU 10Paladin alive
24Paladin brbr 10Paladin alive
25Paladin mule-shtIII 10Paladin alive
26Paladin mule_shtII 10Paladin alive
27Paladin mule_sht 10Paladin alive
28Paladin ring-amu 10Paladin alive
29Paladin DaniLow 10Paladin alive
30Paladin EoEF_Lammerdin 10Paladin Countalive
31Paladin EoEF_Lammer 10Paladin alive
32Paladin hc_dingding 10Paladin alive
33Paladin User 10Paladin alive
34Paladin MonsterEnergy 10Paladin alive
35Paladin BurgerKing 10Paladin alive
36Paladin WickiTWickit 10Paladin alive