Change Log - Diablo 09

Change Log!

All new Diablo 09 updates will appear in the latest news. This is complete and up to date list of changes that have been made to Diablo 09.

Last Update ~ Patch 1.3

- A custom game launcher has been developed for Diablo 09 which handles a variety of functions and features
- A simple install solution has been developed to help players upgrade to Diablo 09

- Diablo 09 is one Realm with multiple Game Servers
- Diablo 09 will now run without a disc
- Diablo 09 can now be back ported from any version
- Players can now run multiple instances of Diablo 09
- Window mode no longer minimises when you click outside of it
- Window mode now has minimise and close buttons
- Players can opt to play hardcore without completing the game on softcore first
- Players may create up to 16 characters per account
- Players can now see games in past difficulties that they have already completed
- A variety of methods have been implemented to negate external programs, hacks or cheats
- Created a new title screen unique to Diablo 09
- Renamed v1.09 to Diablo 09 on the title screen
- Renamed v1.09 to Diablo 09 in game
- Removed the symbol cycling issue when changing resolutions for the DirectDraw, Direct3D, and Glide video modes for newer Windows versions and graphics cards. Game start-up should now be much quicker.
- Fixed a crash when starting Direct3D in video mode for newer Windows versions and graphics cards.

[Game Play]
- Map Reveal has been added as standard
- Tokens of Absolution (respecs) have been added for both Classic & Expansion
- Mercenaries can now equip a full range of items
- Inventory management system has been added
- Huge stash added to both classic and expansion
- Huge cube added to both classic and expansion
- Gamble refresh button has been added
- Gamble rates are no longer controlled by character level but are set prices
- Players can now carry up to 10,000,000 gold in their inventory
- Players can now store up to 25,000,000 gold in their private stash
- Characters of all level's can carry the same amount of gold (no more restrictions)
- Life & Mana values always display above the orbs
- Light Radius has been increased to fullest extent
- Weather features have been removed
- The Cow Portal can be created even after a player kills the cow king
- The amount of Cows in the Moo Moo Farm has been increased
- The number of Champion Packs in the Moo Moo Farm has been increased
- Jerhyn now hangs around outside the palace and his guard has moved down the steps
- The Portal to Nihlathak's Temple remains open after the quest has been completed
- Deckard Cain now hangs out by the stash in Harrogath

[Skill Changes]
- Attacking skills are now available on both left and right click
- Battle Orders / Shout / Battle Command duration has been increased to match later versions
- Battle Orders / Shout / Battle Command now all last the same length of time
- Teleport works in Town

[Item Changes]
- The drop rates for uniques, rares and sets have been increased slightly
- Improved the chances of gambling a rare, set or unique item
- Previous patch unique items have been added with an increased level of rarity for Classic & Expansion
- Previous patch unique items spawn with a purple title
- Unique items can spawn more than once per game
- The Raven Claw bow has increased explosive arrow damage to help new characters starting out
- Item modifiers from previous patches now spawn in classic
- Vendors that sell Health potions now sell Mana potions
- Health & Mana potions now provide the same values as in later versions of the game
- Runes can now be upgraded in the Horadric Cube using the same recipes as later versions of the game
- Rune names have been coloured orange to make them stand out
- Weapon durability has been increased
- Items with a quantity have increased stacks
- The cost of purchasing scrolls has been reduced
- Duriel drops items like other Act bosses making him more worthwhile to farm
- Duriel has an increased chance to drop Essence of Hatred bringing him inline with other bosses
- The Countess rune drops have been tweaked to allow up to a Ral Rune in Normal, Ko Rune in Nightmare and a Lo Rune in Hell
- Pre Patch Stone of Jordan's now work for cube recipes

[Bug Fixes]
- CPU usage bug has been fixed
- Critical hit bug has been fixed for Barbarians & Assassins
- Anya resistance bug has been fixed
- A number of item type upgrade bugs have been fixed
- Chance to cast has been fixed