FAQ - Diablo 09

Frequently Asked Questions

[Install Questions]

Do I need to install Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction before I can play this mod?
Yes. Players are required to have both games installed before installing Diablo 09.

What version of Diablo II do I need before I can install Diablo 09?
Any version, our installer will revert you back to Diablo II v1.09

I seem to have lost my CD Keys, can I still play Diablo 09?
Whilst our server does not check for CD Keys we do not support piracy. Installs should be made using a valid CD Key from Blizzard Entertainment.

I want to play both Battle.net and Diablo 09, is this possible?
Yes. Prior to installing Diablo 09 simply copy and paste your Battle.Net folder and rename it to Diablo 09. Select this folder as your install path when prompted by the installer.

Can I play Diablo 09 work on Mac or Linux?
Mac and Linux are not officially supported however we are looking at creating a guide to assist those not using Windows.

[General Questions]

Can I play Diablo 09 in single player?
Of course however our community mostly play on our server.

Do you support other languages?
Unfortunately we only support English versions of the game at this time. You can play with other versions however there will be missing and untranslated text.

Where is the Diablo 09 server located?
The great thing about Diablo 09 is that we have game servers hosted all over the world whilst keeping everybody together in one realm! Simply select your preferred server when you hit the create game button.

How frequent are the ladder resets?
There is no such thing as ladder and non-ladder in Diablo 09.

I am a hardcore player, is there a community?
Hardcore is very popular on Diablo 09, the player base is split fairly evenly between the two.

I only play classic, can I do this on Diablo 09?
Of course! Many of our features are added and implemented to cater for the Classic player.

Can I use maphack on Diablo 09?
Third party programs are not permitted on Diablo 09. We have included Map Reveal as standard to our game.

Can I load more than one instance of the game?
Yes, simply click Play a second time on our Launcher to load another window.

[Tech Support Questions]

I keep receiving a c000005 error, what should I do?
First of all try a simple restart of your computer. If this does not resolve the matter please add Diablo II.exe to Data Execution Prevention. You can find our guide on how to do this here: DEP Mode Guide

My map reveal isn't working, what should I do?
Please install Microsoft C++ Redistributable for 2015. You can install the missing redistributable through the Diablo 09 Launcher.

The launcher gets stuck on Checking Versions what should I do?
Firstly restart the Diablo 09 Launcher. If this does not resolve the problem hit the Sync button in the bottom left corner of the Launcher.