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Welcome to Diablo 09!

Diablo 09 is a community driven Diablo II Private Server specialising in the much loved 1.09 version of this game. Our aims and ambitions are not only to maintain vanilla-like game play but to improve the quality and feel of this version of Diablo II. We want to bring a new lease of life to Diablo II v1.09 and are committed to improving game play for both the Classic and Expansion player.

Patch 1.3 Release

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Improved Storage & Inventory Management!

Not only have we increased the stash and cube size for both Classic and Expansion players but we have also increased the maximum amount of gold players can carry no matter the character level!

In addition to improving storage space players can easily move items from their inventory, stash or cube with a single control left click. Players can drop items on the floor in the same fashion with a control right click. This makes transferring items a breeze!

Tokens of Absolution!

Okay so we admit there may have been some good features post v1.09 and this is one of them... Players may now find Essences of Anguish, Pain, Hatred & Terror which can be combined to make a Token of Absolution!

Old School Items!

With an effort to preserve the more old school feel of the
game players from both Classic and Expansion can
experience a blast from the past and find the old godlies
from former versions of the game! We have added every unique expansion item from version 1.08 as well as former previous patch unqiues from Classic.

We haven't just stopped there! Players may also find
goldly rare items utilising old school classic item
modifiers! Ever wanted to find those legit Strength and Dexterity boots? Go right ahead...!

And much much more...

Instant Map Reveal
Improved Gamble Rates
Slightly Improved Drop Rates
Mercenary Equipment
Chance to Cast Effects
Load Multiple Windows
Repeatable Cow King
Mana At Vendors
Increased Characters Per Account
View Games in All Difficulties
Improved Cube Recipes
Multiple Bug Fixes
No Dupes, Bots or Hacks
... for a full list check out our change log!